Services and Costs

We offer competitive rates for conveyancing - keeping your costs to minimum without compromising service


Woorayl Conveyancing offers a comparative quote for services plus disbursements. Disbursements are generally water, rates, land tax and settlement agent fees

When you purchase a property and no bank is involved we also complete the lodging and stamping process for you. This includes arranging assessment of Stamp Duty payable (to State Revenue Office) and collecting your Title from Land Titles Victoria.

When a bank is involved we liaise with them to work towards a smooth purchase or sale. Our fee also includes any cost associated with settlement. If for any reason we are not able to attend settlement and have to appoint an agent we pay this fee. So it does not matter where you are buying or selling this cost is not passed on you.

We can also make arrangements for you to have title insurance taken out over the property you are purchasing. More information about this can be found at  

Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment with an experienced conveyancer
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